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Hey, i'm Kaz van Wel,
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working from the Netherlands
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In addition to technology, graphic design has always fascinated me. With that I have the golden combination that makes it possible to independently manage websites from A to Z.

By perfecting a CMS system for years, I thoroughly learned what UX (User Experience) design is and means for customers. I always look for the perfect balance between user-friendliness, appearance and technology.

I constantly wonder if something cannot be even simpler. I am only satisfied when nothing can be taken away. This leads to solutions that my customers can easily understand and use.

19+ years of experience

During my study HBO computer science at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam I started to do all my own assignments. Kiksaus was born from this in 2008.

From 2005 I worked for 10 years at a web agency in Alkmaar. I carried out a wide range of assignments there. I developed a completely own CMS, which is used by hundreds of companies to this day.

In 2015 I thought it was time for a new challenge. I started as a web developer at Tweakers, the authority in the field of technology and electronics and have been voted website of the year by the Dutch public for 6 years in a row.

work & experience

Nationaal Rampenfonds
In March 2021 I made a new website for the Dutch National Disaster Fund, commissioned by Rebrandt. A few months later, in August, the website was immediately put to the test, because people could donate for the flood disaster in Limburg via the website. The website performed well beyond expectations.
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Koopmans drukkerij
For Koopmans Drukkerij it was time for a new look and feel for the company, and also the website. The results are impressive. It fits perfectly with the new house style. Executed on behalf of Rebrandt.
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Petplan's internally developed application form was due for an update. WeBrandCreative developed a completely new design for this form, which is more user-friendly and easier for customers. My job was to take full care of the back-end development.
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Theo Groothuizen
It was now also time for Theo Groothuizen, the painter's specialist shop in Alkmaar, to offer his products online. With the large customer base they already have, we wanted to ensure that the existing website remained as it was, but that orders could still be placed. By using our own CMS we were able to seamlessly integrate the webshop into the site. Carried out on behalf of Rebrandt.
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The Learning Hub
The sQuare foundation wanted a website for The Learning Hub.
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For the Labrujere dump shop, a new webshop had to be created with more options. In the past I have already developed the webshop for the clothing store Dominia for them. This one went so well that I was allowed to set up the same kind of shop for Labrujere.
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Ik made a very cool website for the podcasters of Zolder.
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Urban Connectors
I was allowed to build the new website for Urban Connectors, the collective for sustainable and inclusive urban innovation.
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For my wife, Renske Visser, weight consultant, I have developed an application that takes a lot of work off her hands.

Now this system has become a separate product: KikFit. The system specially developed for weight consultants.
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De Innerlijke Kern
After 10 years, it was high time for Betty de Heij, psychosocial therapist, for a new website.

Kiksaus was responsible for the design, the development and the CMS.
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VNG Risicobeheer
VNG, the Association of Dutch Municipalities, wanted to better communicate the subject of risk management to municipalities and the general public.

Together with Rebrandt we have developed the website for this.
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VVE Finisterre Alkmaar
The board of VVE Finisterre in Alkmaar wanted an easily managed document database to improve their communication with the residents. I developed this for them.
sQuare is committed to helping creatives improve their chances in the future field.

Design by Rick Imambaks.
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After the development of the successful Tulip Ice Cream, it was time to take over the website of the owner Boltha.

A completely new and fresh look, with an extensive range that they can easily update themselves in the customized CMS without any explanation needed.
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Tulip Ice Cream
In collaboration with my sister Tine van Wel, who took care of the design, I developed the webshop for Tulip Ice Cream.

The Ice Cream Tulip is a tulip that looks like an ice cream and is very popular. Now online for the first time.
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Zonnepanelen Xtra
For Xtra solar panels I developed a solar panel calculator together with Dutch Design Office.

This way their customers can easily make a calculation.
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Online machineveiling
To be able to offer a wide range of machines at auctions, I have developed an application for a customer together with Cavallieri & Co.

This application resulted in a huge saving of time for our customer, because he now receives all his supplied information directly in a database instead of hundreds of individual e-mails.
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I am working hard on the development of a new CMS.

As soon as the new CMS is ready for production, all my customers will receive a free upgrade.

Read more about the history of the KikCMS in the blog post.
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Traas ongediertebestrijding
For the well-known national pest control company Traas, I was allowed to build an online reporting system in collaboration with Cavallieri & Co.

Traas makes an extensive report on location with tablets, which is then immediately visible to the customer on his dashboard complete with trend analyzes.
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Renske Visser
I developed the website for Renske Visser to better reach her clients as a weight consultant.

A module has been built into her CMS with which she can manage her customer base and invoicing.
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For Dominia I developed a new webshop to present their products as strongly as possible on the website.

I made a customized maintenance system. Managing the products and orders became such a fun job for them.
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Baars Tennisschool
I have developed a registration system for Baars Tennisschool. This allows new students to easily register.

I have also built a customer administration system. A planning schedule can easily be made for the training sessions.
Christiaan Drost
Christiaan is an artist who knew exactly what his website should look like. I have taken over his designs and technically put the website together.

I made sure that he can now show his own artworks on the site as simply as possible.
Until November 2016 I was a part-time developer at Tweakers.

I worked on various projects to improve the Tweakers website, to maintain it and to develop new functionality for the visitors.
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Are you ready for a new website? Or do you not have a website yet? With over 15 years of experience in developing websites, you are at the right place at Kiksaus.

Perhaps your website no longer meets your current wishes. Perhaps the technology behind it is outdated. As a developer, I like to research what is best for your company. Of course your own ideas are always the starting point. If you wish, you can have it worked out by me.

You can maintain your website in a self-developed CMS (Maintenance system for the content of your website). Customers experience that as very user-friendly.


Do you want more than just a website? Or do you want to develop a separate application? I can also help you with that.

Are there internal business processes that you want to automate? Services that are directly connected to your customer via the website? The CMS offers extensive functionality. This allows me to develop advanced applications that can improve your business.

With all the disciplines that are needed (web design, technology, UX design) carried out by one person, everything always fits together seamlessly and no internal miscommunications arise. Inefficient meetings are not necessary.



Do you already know exactly what you want and do you already have a plan on paper? Or would you rather leave that to the expert? In the first case I can get started right away.

You may have wishes for your own company that have not been developed before, because they are unique to your company.

Or maybe you only have your first ideas in your head but you don't know exactly how it should work. Then I can think along with you and prepare a plan. That plan will only be implemented when it fits in seamlessly with your ideas.

I always keep myself informed of the latest technical developments, but I am aware of hypes. I don't just use a new technology because it is "new". New technologies must have clear added value for the customer.


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